Thesis to practice – IT beginning to look a lot like business

may, 2017

11mayAll DayThesis to practice - IT beginning to look a lot like business

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Does IT matter to business management? Is it business disruptive? Or is IT-technology something below the hood that needs to work and not be bothered of. Like the coffee machine on the office floor…

Does your thesis matter? Is your scientific work of practical value? What kind of problem are out there waiting for your creativity to be solved?

In November 2016 fifteen master-students from Radboud University of Nijmegen visited LAC, the annual national congress for architects of the digital world. They found out that IT and business are linked more than ever and are convinced that it is very exciting to explore the edge of business and IT as part of their study.

On Thursday May 11th 2017, this pioneer group from Nijmegen, together with NAF, the professional network of digital architects in the Netherlands, will show you they are right. In a half-day seminar current thesis work from different universities will be linked to cases introduced by professionals from multiple organizations.

Students from both business- and computer science are very welcome to join in. Register before May 4th 2017 for this free seminar.


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